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Let's Face It

Most businesses spend too much time and money talking to prospective clients without having them actually engage with the product or service.

They don’t know how to reach the right people and connect with their audience in a way that resonates with their brand. This is a waste of time and money that could go towards other business ventures and slows down growth, or even worse, results in diminishing returns.
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Our Strategy

We have a SOLUTION
This strategy will consistently bring in high-value customers to your business and increase your profitability.

Top Google
Page Rankings

Get first page Google ranking so that you have a higher pool of prospective clients to funnel through which means that your chances of reaching high-value clients increases.


Growing Your
Digital Platform

We develop and distribute engaging online content so that you build rapport with your prospective clients which means you will get clients that are more aligned with your brand.


Stay in
The Loop

Get weekly updates showing the progress of your digital platform so that you know exactly how your brand is growing which means you will not have to worry about whether we will bring value to your organization.



Our digital marketing strategy will be specific to you and your business so that the content we produce will align with your values which means you will build deeper connections with your customers/clients.



We will provide an initial benchmark for how well your digital platforms are doing so that you can see how well our strategy works which means you will clearly see results.



Our strategies are cost-effective so that you don’t have to spend an arm and leg to get guaranteeing results which mean you will have the opportunity to invest in your other business needs.

Metroit Media Strategy Team

We've Been There

The truth is, there are a lot of SEO services out there that claim to have the ultimate strategy to push your business forward. So what makes us different?

Our key focus is to keep the client happy, there is nothing else to it. We don’t care about the profitability unless we know that your expectations are met. That’s why we’d like to build your trust first by giving you a 1 month of free services so you can see what it’s like to partner with us.

With over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Project Management, we know how impactful a strong Google presence is to any organization. With a team of dedicated full-stack developers and designers, we can build you a winning strategy. Let us help get YOU there!

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Results You Can See

Here's how we've helped clients
Metroit Media SEO Results
"61% of marketers say that improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority."

What our clients
are saying

What You Get

On-Page SEO ($900 Value)
  • Create a strong digital foundation to improve client visibility.
Traffic Monitoring ($350 Value)
  • Acquire data on competitor SEO strategies and benchmark.
Full Length Articles ($1700 Value)
  • Develop articles to increase brand value and promote customer engagement.
Content Posts ($1500 Value)
  • Develop quick and simple content to quickly grab the attention of prospective clients.
Primary Keyword Targets ($700 Value)
  • Targeted keywords that are linked.
Geo Located Content ($600 Value)
  • Develop content suitable for your niche and location to increase client rapport.
Local Data Aggregation ($500 Value)
  • Source, clean, and distribute business data to publishers, marketers, and location-based service providers.
Niche and Hyper Local Citations($700 Value)
  • Add business details to authentic and niche-related online directories.
Google Map Stacking ($900 Value)
  • Improve visibility through the google map search engine.
Advanced RSS ($500 Value)
  • Develop advanced web feeds that share business developments.
Local Optimization ($500 Value)
  • Redirect traffic to your business page to maximize customer visibility.
Infographic Creation ($500 Value)
  • Develop images that resemble your brand and promote value.
Cinemographs ($500 Value)
  • Develop videos that resemble your brand and promote value.
Podcast & Audio Creation ($700 Value)
  • Develop audios that resemble your brand and promote value.
Guest Blogging ($800 Value)
  • Creating blog posts on third-party websites to promote your business and brand.
Competitor Back Links ($950 Value)
  • Analyze competitor campaigns and create back-links on competitor websites.
Monthly Reports & Tracking ($200 Value)
  • Know what’s going on with your digital platform and how well your business is performing.
BONUS Moving Man Methods ($1200 Value)
  • Build high quality backlinks from relevant sites relative to your niche using this highly innovative method.

TOTAL VALUE: $13,700 Plans starting at $950

(Subject to a one-time start-up cost of $1000)


(If results aren’t met, you will get a free SEO service until 1st page ranking is achieved or your money back)

money back guarantee


Let’s be honest, with Google accounting for over 75% of all search traffic, you’d risk losing a large number of potential clients by not having a fully optimized SEO strategy.